Death by Cancer

I thought my life was shattered when I heard the bad news…
Life from a different angle, I witnessed strange views.
What do I do now? I was surrounded with enigma.
Never knew there would be such unwanted stigma.

“You had it coming” they said, like I lost a hand at poker.
I guess it was my fault that I continued being a smoker.
Funny they won’t ask, jumping on the empathy-train.
Lungs had nothing to do with it, this tumour grew in my brain.

I turned to alternative medicines, tried my hand at meditation.
When nothing else worked, had to go for radiation.
I witnessed my hair go, my skin felt like it was burning.
Only had a few months, the wheels of time were turning.

Wish I had a second chance, someone by my side.
To remind me of taking action, when I had loaned time.
Finally stepped up to face it, a little too late they said.
If you have a dream – chase it, before you turn up dead.

So I took my chances and continued to stay strong.
Made so many new friends, in a world so very wrong.
Running on a countdown, had to do what I always wanted.
Those everyday meltdowns, thought of death was haunting.

I still didn’t give in, like the waves around the sea.
Only one soul to live in, be the change you want to see.
And just like that – one day, I became a necromancer.
Leaving my tumour at bay, and escaping death by cancer.

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