Broken (Final Part)

Broken is the voice you raise, thwarted are the dreams you dreamt… Running in a con-man maze, ideas and thoughts - not exempt… Broken is the system – with crimes, mimes and deception… Broken is the society – feeding lies, alibis since our inception… Money kills the Samaritan, let’s cut the trees for our construction…... Continue Reading →

Broken (Part 2)

Stuck in a life I never wantedWorking when I just want to stopCop the shit I’m in every single dayPay after pay it never goes awayGet fit, talk shit, always on the offensiveBreaking through defences, chained in fences They can’t read my thoughts, yetI bet every chance they get, they strikeThey fight to get you... Continue Reading →


Flying away like an unhinged feather Speeding away all wrapped in leather Forgetting yesterday’s troubles away Cherishing the moment that’s here to stay Up in arms about how you’ve been Breathing in the hills and feeling the scene Ecstatic about the ones you love Drifting past the flying dove Hitting the right and playful notes... Continue Reading →

The New Year…. Resolution…

I get stuck in the midst of work, Rock and Roll... No typing the keys as the time takes its toll... No saving the world, just trying to make a living… Trying to be calm in this life not so forgiving… So new agendas, new plans for New Year… Living on the edge, tranquilizing the... Continue Reading →

A Precious Gift

How eclectic can you be? When experimenting you resist… How receptive can you be? When the fog hits the mist…     I jumped up with joy; I got what I wanted… Fate’s unusual ploy, my destiny taunted…     I wanted to escape, without the usual route… With too much at stake, I jumped... Continue Reading →

Negative hopes!

It’s funny how I get negativity in everything around me… It’s funny because happiness has only just found me… Is it what I’ve been through, my whole life I played second fiddle… Or is it because of who I am, a negative stuck in a positive riddle! I gotta move on man! My mind tells... Continue Reading →

Simple Man – The poem

New Delhi, India The life of a simple man begins often with a simple plan… He checks the clock and packs his bag, The lunch full of rest-over snacks… He checks the time and then he waits, At the stop – the queue he hates… The bus is full but still he goes, The driver’s... Continue Reading →


Time like wheel keeps walking on; Memoirs from subconscious I read… Apprehension haunts, keeps stalking on; Opportunities are what I seek… I laugh and joke and call it a “break”, but is this “break” making me weak? There’s a lot in here, a lot at stake, but can my destiny be oblique? Times shall witness... Continue Reading →

The free road….

Alas! The free road, the one I can walk with pride… Where I would have no fear, would have nothing to hide… Is this nirvana? Is this a dream or a delusion…? Is this real? Or I’m contemplating an illusion? I can’t walk free… I have my thoughts blocking my way… I can’t walk free…... Continue Reading →

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