Mindless Chase

“Run, run like hell, GO!” yelled my partner in crime
And I, like an iron bow, started running, out of time

hanging on a thin tight rope, of sinful hope
Dangling on my back, exposing every track
Amigo fumbled, less time for him to cope
as he dropped his gun, and fell on his back

I heard shotguns behind, but I didn’t look
Kept running like a madman, little shook

Up until the sirens stopped, hurriedly, I made a plan
My other mate was left behind, rolling in greens like his jacket
 Gun-in-hand, collars popped, I fled the scene, skipped the van
A green car from other side, had no choice, had to hack it

Before I reached the other side, iron bars were flying past
Driving in the lamp post light, freedom travels dying fast

Lights flickered and sirens blasted, my sweet demise – there it stood
I braked till the brake-shoe lasted, swirled around as hard as I could

Golden leaves are prying off, breaking through the only option
Last escape is flying off, no more guns or dumb contraptions

No more cops – No more jury, objecting this pointless case
Nature judges – waves of fury, ending this mindless chase

Original art and poetry © Poete Maudit (www.underwaterfall.com)


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