Yan Shall Studios: Midnight Readings

Continuing on with the archive for midnight readings. This is the 6th reading which included Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy with a wonderful poem called “Sincerity”. I also read Imtiaz Dharker’s impactful poem “Immigrant”. Then I move over to a couple of poems, one of which was entirely dedicated to my muse, wife and inspiration: Shall. Hope you enjoy the reading, here’s a video I archived earlier:

These are poems I read:

I’m glad I am catching up to what’s current on my social feeds on Instagram and Facebook. If you can spare a moment and are more active on any of those platforms, do have a look.

Oh and do subscribe to us on Youtube, for a complete playlist of all these readings (there are a total of 10, which spans the entire book: Underwaterfall)

Hope everyone has a smashing week. Keep creating!

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