Negative hopes!

It’s funny how I get negativity in everything around me…
It’s funny because happiness has only just found me…
Is it what I’ve been through, my whole life I played second fiddle…
Or is it because of who I am, a negative stuck in a positive riddle!
I gotta move on man! My mind tells me a gazillion times…
I’m too tired to write songs, or do a cypher or even rhyme!
I plan and I don’t comply, the resolutions pass me bye…
I can’t control and lack desire, I feel like harley without a tyre!
There are those who love me, I love them too, But I feel I shouldn’t be in their chosen few!
These erratic notions bewilder my thoughts, I feel like a loser with no battles fought!
Then I look up to you and then I smile, because you take sadness away for miles!
A few days pass me bye, and then I am the negative guy…
Half full? Nope! You handed me an empty glass! I call rock and roll as my class…
But hiding behind a genre isn’t the solution, It’s like calling dictatorship a revolution…
I gotta be more focussed with each passing day, I have to start thinking before I start to say!
So well here’s this hope that I shall proceed with pride, and I really wish I had something better to write!
PS: I took the pic!!! Dublin, Ireland – 21/03/2009

11 thoughts on “Negative hopes!

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  1. 🙂 I am so flattered, Much appreciated andpls. send me a copy of the song, I would love to listen to it and would promote the song that matches my rhyme, cuz nothing goes wrong when its your time \m/


  2. @ Napster…. Dude, you gotta lighten up man… Rockers get a million bucks for being depressed. We, the citizen of a normal world should cheer up 🙂

    Keep writing though, that would help!


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