I look up while I’m walking, I don’t feel like talking…
I confiscated the boredom, but the loneliness is stalking…

I cheered myself, I sneered myself, within my aura, I fought…
I hustled myself, I questioned myself… What is it that I sought?

I jump to conclusions too early; still the doubt surrounds the result…
And then I’m back thinking again, Am I really that awkward cult?

Is someone on the door? Is my left palm sore?

The rhyme goes numb, I want to be dumb; unfortunate though, I can’t…
The eyes stop blinking, the mind starts thinking; I really want to rant!

Is this what they call paranoia? Or is it me acting like a mindless bloke!
If every thing’s going fine, why the presence of these thoughts which choke?

I don’t know what I want…. Or is it me against myself who’s mocking
I confiscated the boredom, but the loneliness is still stalking!

Was that the window that creaked? Was that the tap that leaked?

I searched for the remote; I realized I don’t have a T.V. …
Dreams sunk, reality’s afloat, and it’s really hard to be me…

I’ll strum some music away; that would be interesting…
The time didn’t chip away, the palm needed resting…

I’ll buffer some metal on the net, now this idea is rocking…
The boredom was confiscated, but loneliness was stalking.

6 thoughts on “Loneliness

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  1. nicely done…frankly speaking, I don’t want to see my friend feeling like this…when every u feel like this, think about the people whom u love most…anyways, gud job poet.


  2. @ Zin….. I hate feeling like that man, trust me… but you can’t help it sometimes isnt it? Thanks for the comment Zin… mucho gracias!

    @ Sai….Thanks a million man. I try my best to avoid such a scenario man and trust me the suggestion would work if I try real hard. Thanks pal!


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