Apolcalypse Now and Religulous – Movie Reviews

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My apologies for the delayed blog posts…have been occupied with work, life, love and music…

Loads of work in the making, Stay tuned… for the moment, just wanted to share some movie reviews (if you haven’t already seen them).

The first one being my new favorite Apocalypse Now


If you’ve ever been a fan of War movies, this one’s a must watch…

Set in the 1970’s (and of course being a 1979 film), the movie is about a US War Captain (played by Martin Sheen) and his misery of being in Vietnam War. The movie revolves around what he goes through on a mission to “terminate” another US Kernel (played by Marlon Brando) who seeks himself as a God among local tribes in Cambodia. The movie starts off with the state of mind of the Captain without a mission, being sent on almost a suicide mission amidst the crazy war situation. He  explores not just what the war scenario is but how a Kernel can be so defiant to the ideologies one possesses. Francis Ford Coppola pulls off a genius after writing the screenplay of The Godfather series (which came to me as a slow paced mafia movie, frankly Goodfellas was more gripping and intense in every form). A Must Must see….

PS: If you’ve ever heard The Doors (Shame if you haven’t), the movie starts off with “This is the end”.

The next in line is the documentary by one of my favs Bill Maher called Religulous

If you think thought provoking was not enough in movies, have this a go!

Religion… That’s what this documentary is all about. The epitome of free speech in modern day America! The movie was in line of Michael Moore’s documentaries of telling the truth as it is (Now please don’t tell me you haven’t seen Fahrenheit, I’m really gonna close down this blog!!!). What Bill Maher did to the facts revolving religion is that he added a pinch of Borat in it (Remember Borat?). He went around places in search of finding what religion means to people and how Bush Administration used it to help their cause. For more info on Bill, get on his website, add his page to your facebook profile, or simply watch real time with Bill Maher every friday (the new season is here!). A truly compelling see for yourself documentary, even if you are a hardcore religious person, this one’s sure to tickle your funny bone!

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