Practically philosophical

The recent times have been nice, hard, complicated, confusing, elating, pragmatic, cynical, blissful, unusual and undoable in terms of my thinking and my state.

Yes, I’ve finally fallen for someone, but then again, for a person like me to fall in Love wasn’t exactly the best experience one could get, but it was astoundingly and profoundly an eye opener. I’m so glad I got in touch with a person who loves me as much as I love her. But its not her that is the cause of all the other emotions mentioned other than elatism , feeling nice and blissfulness. Its the others. Especially those whom I thought were good friends of mine. The only reason I could think of is assumptions, those little things that we take as facts just cuz it happens with us all the time….

…. People just can’t stop sterotyping and are so full of assumtions that they have forgotten thinking before they could pass on a comment which they think or ASSUME is a fact.

We all talk about philosophies, about the things that everyone follows but the funny thing is all the philosophies are nothing but a reflection of our personna. If we are too much over ourselves and aren’t shy to admit it, then we would argue and just not agree on our “opinion” being wrong. What I learned from the past few weeks is that we’re only humans, all of us. nobody’s perfect, nobody’s even near perfect. especially in the way we think. theres so much more to know, so much more to learn, so much more to give.

The only philosophy I got out of all this is respect. respect everyone who deserves it, in any way or form. think about every aspect before you could offend someone, get frustated by people yet dont be mad… Think before what you speak, think about what you want to do before it gets too late. Life changes its own course, you just have to walk its way through, dont be shy, walk on…

PS: RocknRoll isn’t my only love anymore… but as someone said…”I can’t forget my first love”

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  1. well,its kinna easy to know what its all about when you know what ITS all bout.Well the first thing which strikes me is how seriously one takes what the others have to say,and not even know the seriousness of it all…but trust me its all for the better, even if it suck at the onset,you grow wiser,and dat goes a long long way.


  2. @ aanchi…. so true about you growing wiser, like someone once said “like fallen soldiers, we learn”@Zin…. theres something to learn from everyone, thats why respect is so much important@Deep… You’re so much more than special sweetheart, you’re the reason behind my thoughtful change of philosophies.@ everyone… thanks for going through it all, much appreciated…


  3. I just want to say one thing: Yatin you have changed, i have known you for about 7yrs now n you have been so negative about life but now am really really happy you both:)


  4. coming from yatin, its really unexpected 🙂 the boy has grown in to a man & a nice one at that…… Our jhabru has become all that he was not & i m loving it 🙂 god bless the girl who brought this change in my dear frnd & god bless u jhabru…… eeenjoy!!!


  5. This one is for you Yan!

    This Love Addiction
    Was Something I Couldn't Control
    A Hidden Pain
    That Lied Deep in My soul
    It Was An Intensity for Intimacy
    So Strong
    That I Couldn't Let Go
    An Obsession With
    Wanting To Be Love
    An Emotional Pain
    That Isn't Easy To Break Through
    A Sense Of Always Feeling Unsafe
    Without You
    I Tried To Fight It
    But It Was To Strong
    Because It Was My Love Addiction


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